A Certified Professional Photographer, originally from France, I’ve made Australia my home.

I can’t remember exactly when I was struck by the passion for photography…

​Two decades ago, I bought my first SLR with the help of my dear friend Lucas Dolega, a great photojournalist. 

He was the first photographer killed during the Arab spring.

​I love to show people the world as I see it, and the beauty around us in every moment. 

​I’ve worked as a Photographer for media agencies, events, festivals, Animal rescue centres and Palliative Care; as an image specialist for studios and image libraries; and as a picture researcher for government departments and media archives.

​In 2022, I launched the project BACKYARD∙ART∙STORIES with writer Sarah Todman,the exhibition and book showcased the story of 12 local and multicultural Artists.

If yoU need someone to capture the story of your event, family event, art project etc- feel free to contact me.

I am passionate about stories, let me tell yours.